6 places you can live abroad with a nice apartment downtown for less than the cost of an apartment downtown in the United States.

6 places you can live abroad with a nice apartment downtown for less than the cost of an apartment downtown in the United States.

  1. Valencia, Spain: Valencia, Spain is Spain’s 3rd largest city. Valencia is surrounded by its Huerta, a fertile fruit, and vegetation farmland and is known for producing rice and the famous paella(an ancient Valencian rice dish shown below).  Valencia also has a buzzing dinner scene and offers free health coverage and prescriptions to its citizens. That’s not all, here you can snag an apartment downtown for $500 a month according to Numbeo.com. With the cost of living without rent sitting at $580, you can definitely live in Valencia like a king for $2000 a month or less.

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  2. Porto, Portugal: Porto, Portugal, with an average temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit, is a coastal city with plenty of bars, restaurants, and a laid back vibe where sipping wine is the norm. If you like cobble streets laced homes with balconies lined with flowers this is the place for you. The average cost of living is $525 monthly without rent and you can also rent a one bedroom apartment downtown for only $461 a month according to numbeo.com. Just another place where you can live like a king for a little over $1500 a month.

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  3. Medellin, Cali or Barranquilla, Colombia: Medellin has a history of violence but today the city is considered safe. The biggest complaint right now is traffic and the cities pollution. The city of Medellin has a population of 3.5 million with a vibrant nightlife scene and an average temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In Columbia, the cost of living without rent is $394 monthly. You can also rent a very nice apartment downtown for $230 monthly according to numbeo.com. So for around $1000 you can live wealthy. If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of the big city try Cali, Columbia or Barranquilla, Columbia.

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  4. Arequipa, Peru: Arequipa, Peru is Peru’s second largest city and sits 7,600 feet above sea level. Arequipa exhibits beautiful plazas, parks, modern technology, and restaurants. Arequipa usually has a spring type of weather throughout the year and is one of the main centers of education in Peru. You can rent an apartment downtown for $185 monthly according to numbeo.com. This make Arequipa one of the most affordable places to live. The beauty of the city is just a plus.

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  5. Antigua, Guatemala: Antigua, Guatemala is a small town with around 35,000 people. Antigua is a quaint town with plenty of hostels,  one 5-star hotel and thousands of places to eat. Antigua is only a 45-minute drive from a major Central America Airport so you never have to feel desolate. You can also link up with other fellow Americans with more than 2,000 expats living in Antigua. You can snag a 1 bedroom apartment downtown $368 a month according to numbeo.com. A pack of cigarettes will net you only $2.86(Marlboros) and you can eat in a restaurant daily for an average of $15.

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  6. Chaing Mai, Thailand: Chaing Mai, Thailand could attract people just from the weather alone. Chaing Mai has an average temperature of 89 degrees Fahrenheit and a very cheap cost of living for a city near the coast. Numbeo.com estimates that the average cost of living to be $484 monthly without rent. A 1br apartment downtown will net you about $300 a month on average with $50 more a month for utilities(numbeo.com). For around $1000 a month you can live wealthy in Chaing Mai. Don’t forget to check out Chaing Mai golf course.

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The hardest man to be in the world, the gay black man.

The hardest man to be in the world, the gay black man.


So what’s the one thing that’s worst that being black in America these days? If you guessed being gay and black then you’re are right. Being gay in America takes a lot of courage in itself. You have to be strong and confident in yourself. In fact, most of the happy male homosexual relationships that I see involve at least one man ok with being himself. This is despite everything a homosexual man must deal with involuntarily. Add in color and you have to be nearly superman to deal.


So why is it so much harder for Black homosexual men to live happily and freely in America? Well, let’s think about the black culture. I know what you saying, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACISM, WHAT?. No, it doesn’t. In fact, the biggest issues come from members of our own race. Growing up black I learned that in the black community it was almost a crime to be “gay”. The bullying starts at home for many homosexual black men and women. I have friends who could tell everyone else of their orientation but wouldn’t dare mention it to their own family. For black men this is hard. You get called worst names than queer and everyone treats you different. No one wants to be considered gay so some may avoid you. If your black and gay you may as well prepare to be an outcast. Black sheep anyone?


Some of the black parents that I have run across are so delusional that their homosexual sons still pretend in front of their parents and fear being outed only in front of them. Many have told every friend that they have but can’t and won’t tell their family. This has led to a repressed black homosexual community filled with mental disorders and anxiety. Why would we do this to our own community? I have experimented myself just as we were taught that many other teens did in high school. I am straight but talking about my sexuality amongst some of my black friends is the worst experience in my life and it needs to change.



How to survive with your mouth wired shut.

How to survive with your mouth wired shut.

When It happened. 

I never thought that I would have to deal with my mouth being wired shut! I never imagined it would happen let alone prepared for it. When I found out that I had broken my jaw I was so stunned that I did not want to believe the doctor diagnoses. When he said that my mouth would be wired shut for six weeks I became irate. I called him an idiot and continued on pouting. I mean, how do you cope with the fact that everything about your life is about to change without warning? Talking would be different, eating would be different, heck life as I knew it was over for the next 6 weeks. At first, I couldn’t, but I realized that no amount of complaining I did would change my situation. I would have to deal with it.

First things 1st.

Get out there and find out everything that you can about living with a broken jaw and having your mouth wired shut. Tell yourself you know nothing and need to know everything in order to survive. Inform yourself of what to eat, how to care for your teeth, how to cope with stress and the benefits of building a strong and helpful support system. Also never pity yourself, it does no good. Prepare your mind for 6 weeks of living a life you hopefully will never have to live again. This will be a boot camp for the mind, but hang in there you can do it.

What do I eat? 

Here is where educating yourself will come in handy. There are more options out there for food that one may realize. So I am not going to tell you what you should eat cause I’m no nutritionist or dietician. What I can say is that you have to find food that you will be able to tolerate for at least 6 weeks. We all know eating the same thing over and over can be hell. Some of my favorite foods included any soups, applesauce, protein shakes, mashed potatoes, and anything I could turn into a tasty smoothie. Your blender will be your best friend in this situation. You have to eat and your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to survive. So get creative don’t be discouraged and eat. Just remember you may not eat it the same but it will still provide the same benefits as if you ate it normally. Keep your head up as this is only temporary. YOU CAN DO IT!


I can’t tell you how many time I sat and daydreamed about all the food I took advantage of when I was “normal”. I constantly dream about eating a good burger with fries or a nice tasty sandwich. I never thought I would dream of food so much in my life. I find myself envious of those who get to eat normal food. I find myself getting angry, thinking how we don’t appreciate food enough. How do you cope with all of this? Your support system. Make sure those you are around after your jaw is wired shut love and support you. I can’t lie to you, this is the hardest thing that I have ever been through and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I am already begun planning what I want to eat as soon as I get this metal out of my mouth. Though this is the hardest thing I have dealt with it has made me so strong that I feel I can do anything now. I love the person that I have become in the last week alone. Now I’m not saying break your jaw, but I am saying that I will appreciate life, especially food, much much more now.

Thanks for reading!

How anyone can make money online with a blog or a website.

How anyone can make money online with a blog or a website.

Everyone wants to know the secrets to making money online. I’m sure we all want to be the next internet millionaire, but how do you get there and where do you start? Here is how you can start making money online using your own website or blog through affiliates and become successful at it.

Step 1: Create a website or blog one that will draw in readers and garner attention and traffic for your website and/or blog. No one is going to be interested in clicking and viewing a boring vanilla website that looks just like all the rest. Stand out! Like any other independent venture, you must find your niche and run with it. If your blog is going to be broad make sure your post are filled with juicy, useful information. Finally, your website must be appealing and have a professional design for your affiliates. You can start with websites like weebly.comwebsitebuilder.com,  wordpress.com, wix.com, and blogger.com If you are not willing to put time into you, no one else will.

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Step 2: Creating your website is only the beginning. After you create your website your main focus should become building traffic. How do you build traffic you ask? With a website, you must consistently offer useful products to customers. The more buyers the more traffic. With a blog, you want to add useful, informative, juicy topics based on facts. With a website and a blog, you must keep a consistent schedule when offering new products or when deciding when to make a new blog post. Building up your website and/or blog’s traffic is a huge step towards your main goal of making money online using affiliates.

Step 3: Now that you have a good amount of traffic coming thru your website you are now ready for the next step in the process. Now you’re going to need your friends help. In the case of making money online with your website or blog, your friends are your affiliates. Many affiliate programs are willing to pay website and blog owners to advertise on your website for their promotion. The better you promote and maintain your website and/or blog, the better your offers and pay will be from your affiliates. Some well-known affiliates include the likes of Amazon AssociateseBay Affiliates, and Google Adsense.
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Summary: In short to get started making money online with only a website or blog follow these steps. Start by making an appealing and creative website or blog that offers readers/consumers something that they need or at least want to read or buy. Next, build up your website traffic once you create a well-designed website/blog. Once you build your website’s traffic or whenever you think you are ready to begin to add affiliates you can begin with sites like eBay, Amazon or Google. Always remember to maintain and update your website whether its goal is to sell products or provide juicy information. Following these guidelines will help you make it rain online with your blog or website!

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